Our coaches are specialized in personal leadership development. They help executives and managers find solutions to the problems they face and reach their goals.


We enable virtual collaboration for working remote as one

Thanks to our partner network Acolis, we can provide you with a variety of international expertise in coaching and support.ViTi has developed methodologies to adapt traditional coaching approaches to the web context. We use electronic tools to conduct virtual coaching sessions during the time preferred for personal development.All of our coaches are certified in coaching and in the different approaches used to develop personnel. They have extensive experience in face-to-face coaching. They use the ViTi web-coaching approaches and methods.

Virtual Peer Coaching

Because it takes time to develop real expertise.

Because dialogue with peers is often the best source of learning and improvement

Because it is often difficult to allocate the time to get an overall perspective of the daily routine’s practices

Virtual Peer Coaching will soon become an essential professional tool in various contexts. We have designed a specific approach adapted to the digital environment, to enable managers or experts to improve their experience and to develop their skills through peer exchanges.

Virtual Peer Coaching involves taking an hour of time at the workplace to connect with members of the same peer group and work to resolve concrete issues.

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