We coach Virtual Teams with Virtual Team Buildings

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Raise the level of performance of your team by fostering membership and building trust among team members. Over a short period of time, we ensure the ability of your team to meet their challenges collectively.


How Does it Work?

  1. All of our team building sessions are devised from the results of a team assessment that specifically identifies what performance levers are crucial for the team
  2. The virtual teambuilding sessions require 2 hours a week for 7 weeks. It is designed in such a way that it will significantly change the interactions within your virtual team.
  3. Each teambuilding process is constructed based on the characteristics of the team, its challenges and the profiles of each individual team member.
  4. The manager and the team are supported by an online coach.
    5. The process involves specific activities, such as brainstorming, games, setting rules, discussions and debriefing from the coach.
  5. Homework is used to foster team interaction between sessions
  6. The team monitors its progress through a specific dashboard at every step.
  7. The manager benefits from specific individualised coaching on the leadership issues raised by the virtual team.

Onboarding process: Creating the foundation for effective working relationships

Particularly suitable for newly formed teams, for onboarding after an important change, or to support the integration of a new manager within an existing team. Team members learn how they complement each other. They clarify their working preferences and cultural differences. The team lays down rules and rituals relevant to their challenges. They share the same vision of the future and the means to get there.

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Debugging process: Spotting and fixing the problems (or you could say Identifying and resolving the problems)

A collaborative process enables the team to share the same vision of challenges and to identify the means to overcome them. Through games, the team is able to distance itself from its problems. They consider alternate ways of working and new possibilities. They collectively identify and prioritise the best ways to solve their problems.

To learn more about how you can enhance the performance of your virtual team, please contact us.

Ongoing maintenance: Interactive games to foster collaboration

Designed to help keep an ongoing positive team dynamic. We foster interactions and help the team keep in mind the best resolutions for effective remote working relationships. These are particularly adapted to occur between face-to-face sessions to help the team stay connected.

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High performance prep: “Synchronisation” process to foster collaborative intelligence through distance

Some teams need to evolve to a new level of collaboration to meet their objectives…whether it’s a new strategic project, a collaborative creation, collective intelligence challenges or collaboration at an executive level, etc. We offer a specific program designed for teams facing the challenge of high performance.

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